The Ultimate Guide to things auditors watch for

Even when we get a good look, there’s always something to check. Maybe we don’t have enough money to run the check, or we get a call from a local company, or we’re about to run a new car at the wrong time and suddenly have a car accident, or it’s too late and it’s too late to go back to work.

Any of these reasons will sound like a good reason, and if you had to do that, you would probably be tempted to run out of the building. But if you do, you’d probably go to the janitorial closet, grab a few towels, and get the hell out of there.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever run out of the janitorial closet, but its a tiny room with a door and a keypad that you can use to go out any time you want. You can also go back in and grab a few more towels. As I said, not much of a reason to run out of the building.

So much of auditing is this: you need to use the keypad and then go to the janitorial closet. If you run out of the janitorial closet, you can find a few more towels on the floor and then you can go back out to grab more towels. In this case, the janitor would only have to take a few minutes to notice a few towels missing and would go to the janitorial closet to get them back.

I know nothing about auditing, but if you need to grab some towels, then it does make sense to use the janitorial closet rather than the janitor. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have a few extra towels stashed up somewhere else. But you’d have to search for the janitorial closet every single time you need to grab towels. And that’s a bad thing.

I think this is pretty obvious. But I don’t know, maybe janitors should be on your “Top Ten Things That Auditors Look For” list.

It’s a little harder to keep track of what janitors do. In the US, a custodian is responsible for ensuring that the cleaning products in the building are safe. They are supposed to make sure that the building has all of the necessary cleaning products which are of a certain minimum quality. Sometimes, this includes the janitor, who is responsible for ensuring that the cleaning products in the building are clean and sanitized.

So a place might have a janitor, but not a custodian. A custodian has authority to make sure that the cleaning products in the building are safe. A janitor has authority to do the same. As a janitor, you should be a little careful when you choose how you clean. It’s a lot like how you clean a car or house. You should know what you’re doing and be able to do it well.

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