Mahtari Vandan: CG State Gov portal for maternal health


Mahtari Vandan is a unique initiative by the Chhattisgarh state government aimed at promoting maternal health and reducing maternal mortality rates. This online portal provides a range of services and information for pregnant women, new mothers, healthcare providers, and the general public. The name “Mahtari Vandan” itself reflects the importance and reverence given to motherhood in Indian culture.

The Need for Maternal Health Initiatives

Maternal health is a critical aspect of public health, as the well-being of mothers directly impacts the health of their children and families. In India, despite significant progress in healthcare, maternal mortality rates remain a concern, especially in rural and underserved areas. Initiatives like Mahtari Vandan play a crucial role in addressing this issue by providing access to information, services, and support for maternal healthcare.

Key Features of Mahtari Vandan

  1. Online Registration: Pregnant women can register themselves on the portal, providing essential details such as name, age, contact information, and expected due date. This registration helps in tracking and monitoring the health of pregnant women throughout their pregnancy.

  2. Antenatal Care Services: Mahtari Vandan offers information on the importance of antenatal care, including regular check-ups, vaccinations, and nutrition. Pregnant women can also schedule appointments with healthcare providers through the portal.

  3. Emergency Assistance: In case of any complications during pregnancy or delivery, women can seek immediate help through the emergency assistance feature on the portal. This ensures timely intervention and care for pregnant women in distress.

  4. Postnatal Support: The portal provides guidance on postnatal care for mothers and newborns, including breastfeeding, immunizations, and family planning. This comprehensive support aims to promote the health and well-being of both the mother and the child.

  5. Health Education: Mahtari Vandan offers educational resources on maternal health, childbirth, and infant care, empowering women with knowledge and awareness to make informed decisions regarding their health and the health of their babies.

Benefits of Mahtari Vandan

  • Improved Access to Healthcare: The portal enables pregnant women to access healthcare services conveniently, especially in remote areas where healthcare facilities may be lacking.

  • Better Health Outcomes: By promoting regular check-ups, timely interventions, and postnatal support, Mahtari Vandan contributes to improved health outcomes for mothers and newborns.

  • Empowerment of Women: Through education and support, the portal empowers women to take charge of their health and make informed choices, leading to healthier pregnancies and childbirth experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who can access Mahtari Vandan?
    Mahtari Vandan is accessible to pregnant women residing in Chhattisgarh, healthcare providers, and the general public interested in maternal health.

  2. Is registration on Mahtari Vandan mandatory for pregnant women?
    While registration is not mandatory, it is highly recommended for pregnant women to avail of the services and support offered by the portal.

  3. Are the services on Mahtari Vandan free of cost?
    Yes, the services provided on Mahtari Vandan are free of cost for users, making them accessible to all pregnant women in the state.

  4. Can healthcare providers register on Mahtari Vandan to assist pregnant women?
    Yes, healthcare providers can register on the portal to offer their services and support to pregnant women in need of medical assistance.

  5. How does Mahtari Vandan ensure the privacy and security of user data?
    Mahtari Vandan follows strict privacy protocols and data protection measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of user information provided on the portal.


In conclusion, Mahtari Vandan is a commendable initiative by the Chhattisgarh state government that addresses the crucial need for maternal health support and services. By leveraging technology and awareness, the portal plays a vital role in promoting safe pregnancies, healthy childbirth, and overall well-being for mothers and newborns. The comprehensive services offered by Mahtari Vandan highlight the government’s commitment to improving maternal health outcomes and reducing maternal mortality rates in the state. This initiative serves as a shining example of how digital platforms can make a significant impact on public health initiatives, ultimately leading to healthier communities and brighter futures for women and children.

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