external users want answers to all of the following questions except

I don’t know if we’ve covered these questions, but I will provide some links to help you out.



The first one is the most important: Are your users going to be able to help you find your website? I think this is a question that will give you some idea of how important your users are to you. If you have a small user base, it will be easier for you to manage your site.

I don’t necessarily disagree with you on this one. But I do think that if you’re a small sized company, you will need to spend a lot of time and money on growing your user base. This is not a case of “I’m just going to use a static site generator.” This is about the more strategic use of user development.

A smaller company, like a small medium-sized business, will spend a fair amount of time thinking about their website. This is, like the last part of the point, strategic. If you choose to use a blog to communicate with your users, you want to have a good reason for having a blog.

Not all of your users are exactly the same as you. As you grow your users, they will start to become more and more likely to feel like they have a blog. In this example, you want to use an example of self-awareness to demonstrate that your users are doing their best for your business. You want to show them that they are doing their best for you.

The real problem with this is that the users don’t seem to like it, and that’s probably why. Instead of trying to talk you out of your blogging, you want them to like you because, if they do like you, then we can all get along with them. By doing this, they can become more and more likely to like you.

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