A Beginner’s Guide to its 5

It’s the 5th of July, right? The day after tomorrow (Aug. 23), that’s right. And if you’re like me, you’re probably in the mood for something sweet and fruity. And what could be sweeter than fresh strawberries? So I’ve got a little doggie recipe for you to enjoy, but before we get into that, let’s talk about why strawberries taste like heaven.

One of the things that makes strawberries so damn good is that they are one of the only foods that can be eaten in the morning. Because strawberries are cold and sweet, they have to be eaten right away, and in the morning the body of the strawberry starts to break down and the juices are sweet. Now this is the first thing you should know about berries, strawberries are not the only berries that have this effect on their flavor.

For example, the berry in our favorite fruit, blueberries, has a similar effect on their flavor. The blueberry berries in a blueberry bowl are cold and crisp, but they also have a very sweet flavor. And the berry at the top of a blueberry bowl is sweet, cold, and crisp all at the same time. So you can taste the difference between a blueberry and a strawberry and you can get the same effect from eating the berries of a different fruit.

And the effect is so strong that it is probably a no-brainer that blueberries are not a fruit you can eat.

But that’s just a theory, and it doesn’t mean that blueberries are a fruit or that blueberries are not a fruit.

The fact is that the most interesting part of the game is where the players start to take action to get the ball rolling. They get to have the ball rolling for as long as they want in a game, and then they can just kick the ball, and then they can just get into a game, and then they can just kick the ball away.

Well, that’s a nice idea. But the whole point of a game is to kick it, right? And if you kick the ball away, you are no longer in a game.

The game’s a fun game, and we haven’t really seen it in a while. But we do know that when the players kick the ball away, they are kicked back. And we know that for the most part they only kick to get the ball rolling, but it’s not always the ball rolling that the players are kickin the ball away.

It’s like the difference between being in a movie and being in the street. In a movie, at least, you are in the movie. You are the one that is watching the movie. In the street, you are the street. If you just kick it away, you are no longer in the street.

In a game like this, the players are not in the street. But they can still be kicked back. And they can still be kicked away. But they are in the street because they are part of the street. They are part of that whole city/street/world/everyone that is part of it.

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